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Our portfolio

Below you can see a few examples of what we can do and why we are so popular today.

Studio recording

Any type of music or play can be recorded in our state of the art studio available to you at any given moment. You can pick and stay active member of the group as song as needed and you can enjoy our projects together. You will have fun, but so shall we.

Concert music

Yes, we also offer concert music and we can provide professional composers who will impress all your fans and all your clients as well. Each tune is developed to perfection and each one must provide stunning effect when it is layered regardless of the time and place.

Movie music

Do you need music for the movie? Yes, we can assist you, once again. Our music for this case scenario is specially developed for a specific nature of movie, with the specifics about the story, plot and all the rest.

Theater sounds

Yes, we also can help you with the sounds for your show and we can say that for this purpose we have special, other composers who will work around the clock to meet any requirement and provide you with the best results possible.